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Moving Day

The whole issue of moving from one house to another all comes with various reasons. There are many reasons as to why people move from one house to a new one but for whatever reasons, the whole issue of moving can be challenging and hence needs prior plans from day one the moving day.

Moving day can be one of the trying moments of the whole process. After you have found the new house, finished the all the necessary processes, you will find on the moving day there are some other details you omitted in your planning and it has to be rectified in order for whole process to continue as scheduled.

On the moving day you will be faced by minor challenges of some mistakes you made on your prior days of preparations, this is the day you will realize you have misplaced some items; you haven?t packed the right way, delays from your movers and so on. To avoid these mistakes on your last day, it is advisable to counter check if everything is in order in 24 to 48 hours of the big day. This will give you enough time to rectify anything you might have gone way out of hand and avoid last minute rush on your moving day.

However, on your moving day you can still finish packing as you wait for your movers to arrive. You can sometime to dispose the unwanted items like old newspapers and worn out clothes which you do not want to take with you. You can burn them then take everything out of the house and clean the house properly.

After the all the rooms are clean, ensure things like electricity are disconnected from the main switch, the water taps are not running in the kitchen, bathrooms and in the water closet.

You might use some few hours to return books and tapes you owe to people around or the library and if necessary notify your friends from the neighborhood it is your last day in the area. Ideally on this last day you will need to stick to your plan and make sure you are prepared, you have enough money incase something comes come and adds to the costing.

Take one more time to go through your moving list. Make sure that you have all the necessary receipts in place as you do not want to face some anomalies on your moving day claiming that of some payment you haven?t paid. Now it will be wise to take sometime and talk to your movers. Make sure they will come on time as there will also need enough time to load the items, you need to save as much time as you can as so that when you get to your new house, there will be enough time left to offload your belongings and if possible start to put everything in their right positions. You will need beds to sleep on the first night, and an arranged kitchen to make our meal. At this point time management will be very essential as it will determine if your moving will be successful as planned.

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